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30.11.2018 19:19
Eh no, po co pracowałem te 4 godziny żeby nikt mi animacji nie oceni :I

27.10.2018 15:47

23.10.2018 19:07

06.10.2018 19:50

06.10.2018 18:44
1.Wejdź w dział "Download". 2.Wybierz "Figury" 3.Kliknij "Pobierz" pod paczką, która Cię zainteresuje.

02.10.2018 18:32
Jak mam pobierać figury?

12.08.2018 01:23
Na nim mówił widać z opieki panicz bogaty, krewny albo bierze. Nawet stary który ma szkół uczących żyć z Wysogierdem Szymon z Wereszczaką.

12.08.2018 01:23
Lidia, opowiedz jakiś czarny dowcip

01.08.2018 14:11

21.07.2018 14:33
Piękny wiersz.

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Pivot Tube in English

Hello and Welcome to the Pivot Tube Website!

Mission Statement

The mission of the portal and the community of Pivot Tube is to:
  • provide friendly conditions for animators to develop and publish animations,
  • provide mutual technical and artistic support,
  • promote Pivot Animator in Poland,
  • evolve the art of creating Pivot animations,
  • produce videos using Pivot
and, at the same time, stay open to everyone.

Quick Summary

  • We have a YouTube channel featuring some of our work here.
  • We do appreciate posts from outside the country so don't be shy, say hello on this forum and show your animations on this forum.
  • On daily basis, we speak the Polish language, however some of us are familiar with English so you can expect some feedback and constructive criticism. You become a member simply by registering and posting your animations.
  • Whilst posting on our forums, the main rules to be aware of are: respect others, don't swear too much, don't spam aaand don't be a douche bag in general.
  • Every now and again we organise a collab or a joint. Feel free to join, just let us know.
  • If you're having hard time navigating around the website or your translator doesn't cope with the language, check our Mini English-Polish Dictionary or simply drop me (Foley) a message (contact details below).
  • If you are looking for some tutorials, or specifically for "Timing, Spacing and Poses - introduction to Pivot animation", click here.

Thank you for your interest in our website, enjoy your stay!


Like us on Facebook to keep track of our community and video production updates.

Hall of Fame

Here's a few of our flagship animations

You might recognise these Polish animators
  • Horsie(aka. MiCh, bolteuZz, Bolmeteusu, CzyngisChrzan, Chrzanol, Mijoichi, Mighty and more)
  • MrMushroom (aka. PanGrzybek36)
  • Rogi (aka. RageRogi)
  • Flame
  • Michau
  • Irritator Fan (aka. Spinosaurus-Fan)
  • Szaman
  • Brix
  • Sly Fox
Our multilingual publications


You can reach the founder and the head administrator of Pivot Tube, Foley, via:

  • Private Message: Foley
  • E-Mail: foley (at) pivottube.pl