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What is Pivot?

Pivot Animator is a free, intuitive program for creating stickman animations. It's intuitive to use - each stick figure has handles that can be dragged around. The animation is made by moving the handles in consecutive frames.

An example Pivot animation (courtesy of Szaman)

Latest version of Pivot Animatior can be downloaded from the official webpage. The official User Guide is also available there.

About us

Pivot Tube is the Pivot community in Poland, established in 2010 by Foley. Currently, our website is undergoing changes and its functionality is limited to viewing animations that we made in the past.

When the website is rebuilt, it will be possible to join and share your animations.

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How to create animations?

If you're new to Pivot or want to freshen up your animation skills, we encourage you to take a look at our tutorial: Timing, Spacing and Poses - Introduction to Pivot Animation. This guide includes examples so you can easily follow along.

What's up with animation ranking?

Our TOP ### ranking of animations is an approximation based on direct comparisons made by the community members.
Due to relatively low volume of comparisons and high volume of animations, some good animations may have been underrated.


We're migrating forums to Discord. Until the website is rebuilt, our Discord server can be joined only by invitation.

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